Grace Village Foundation 2016 Board of Directors

William Strunk

will William Strunk, understands the challenges children face trying to build trust and bonds in the foster system.  A child of suicide, he lived in many homes during his childhood. A primary influence in his youth was his time spent in the Daniel Boone National Forest living in primitive conditions with his Grandmother (Grace), where he developed foundational skills. After moving to Texas, Strunk began hiring out for farm work at age 8 and became an entrepreneur at age 15. Over 30 years, he and his wife built several successful businesses including a spa, publishing company, advertising agency and events production company.  As an author and lecturer, he conducts seminars and work-shops on motivation and success with emphasis on Personal Development. Strunk developed his System through decades studying human behavior, motivation and hundreds of fellow entrepreneurs. His plan is to pay it forward through Grace Village Foundation where families can have access to personal and social developmental tools to build stronger foundations. 


Dr. Reinhard Bergel

bergel.jpg In addition to being an Olympian, Dr. Bergel has distinguished experience in academic training, practical field work and education. Reinhard has Degrees in Exercise Science & Physical Rehabilitation Therapy from the University of Cologne, Germany - in Kinesiology from the University of California at Los Angeles – A Ph.D. in Exercise Science Remedial Physical Education from the University of California at Berkeley. He completed his Doctorate with an analytic study on growth and motor development of elementary school and mentally challenged children. He is one of the world's most respected lecturers on Manual Lymphatic Drainage and has spent a lifetime lecturing on health and fitness related topics. He taught remedial physical therapy, coached gymnastics and conducted coaching clinics for the Special Olympics. He worked extensively with the disabled student sports and recreation program at UC Berkeley, including wheelchair basketball- tennis- track and field, fencing for the blind, aquatic and equine therapy for blind and CP children. Dr. Bergel has developed training programs for cardiovascular rehabilitation - preventive health care - executive and employee fitness - industrial injury prevention and safety. His programs have been presented to such notable groups as UPS, UNITED AIRLINES, AMERICAN AIRLINES, IBM, PEPSI COLA, PG&E, General Motors, the NFL, NBA and NHL.

Elvia Valenzuela



Ted Egleston



Melissa Lawrence




Patricia Strunk

patPatricia Strunk is, personification of love. She has never met a stranger. Her love of family, people, nature and animals defines her. Born to a nurse and an Air Force pilot, she developed deep nurturing skills and an appreciation for mobility. In her youth, her passion was any outdoors or water sports and competing in rodeos as a Pony Express Racer. While earning her B.S. in Marketing at Southwest Texas State University she volunteered as a canoe guide and nutrition counselor for athletes and trainers. She has Wilderness training and is passionate in her love of nature. Patricia found her professional calling as an Aesthetician and operated a spa in West Texas as a family business. Married in 1986, she and Will continued to practice aesthetics and body therapy. William and Patricia raised two children, WES and Amanda who are now providing grandchildren. Their passion with nature, family values and motivation drives them toward their work with Grace Village.


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