Grace Village provides workshops and retreats that improve family connections and trust by providing foster families experiences that build positive and unique shared memories. We help families unplug from their busy lives and develop the awareness and skills to focus on each other.We teach with specific activities that develop confidence, teamwork, initiative and achievement where families learn skills that can build trust, connection and lasting family bonds.


"Camp is an experience that strengthens one's life journey; it enables, reinforces, and facilitates one's ability to learn for life. Camp is about taking experiences and adding language that not only expands understanding of self but of others."

Peg L. Smith

Camp Bumblebee
Is a 43 acre private camp located in the Ouachita National Forest near Glenwood, Arkansas. Surrounded by the Ouachita Mountains, Caney Creek meanders through the forest floor delivering a scenic landscape through the camp. This area, known as the Caddo Valley, was long inhabited by the Caddo Indians for it's abundance of nature. It is now a popular area for camping, hiking, fishing, canoeing and all outdoor 


Camp Clearfork
Is operated by the National Forest Service. This historic recreation area, located along the small but scenic Walnut Creek, offers camping, hiking, picnicking, fishing, swimming and so much more, all in the heart of the Ouachita National Forest. It is located between famed Hot Springs National Park and scenic Lake Ouachita. Facilities include dorm cabins, an accessible dining hall, recreation building and community bathrooms and showers. A small scenic lake with dam offers swimming and canoeing and the campground also offers a softball field. Camp Clearfork is the location for the Grace Village annual jamboree.

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