Grace Village is a non-profit foundation, providing family services and support to Families in Transition (F.I.T.). This includes women's shelters, children's homes, foster families, grieving families, and lonely elderly. We perform outreach through fellowship and by sharing a very special retreat that promotes inspiration and healing. 


Camp Clearfork

Grace Village hosts an annual camping retreat at Camp Clearfork. This event was created for the Ouachita Children’s Center (OCC). Providing day-camps to emergency shelters gives the kids a chance to just be kids. The Camp Clearfork retreat has since grown to include foster families, adoptive families, and blended families - all free of charge. Relax on the lake or engage in fun-filled camping activities.


Camp Bumblebee

Grace Village also hosts retreats for bereaving families in Grace’s Cabin, which is nestled at the top of a mountain in the Ouachita National Forest. We understand the trials and tribulations that come with losing a loved one. Allow us to provide a place to reflect, a place to get in touch with nature, and a place that will inspire peace and tranquility. This sanctuary is available free of charge.


Christmas Program

Christmas time can be a struggle for families, as parents we strive to provide a memorable Christmas experience for our little one(s) and we should never place adult concerns on our children. If you are a single parent, have a young family, and struggling to keep your head above water, reach out to us. Grace Village has a wonderful support network and we may be able to provide your family with gifts so that your kids have a wonderful Christmas.


To inquire about available dates for Weekend Retreats at Grace Village,

please fill out an application or contact Melissa at


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